Here are a few stories that are close to my heart. Even though I’m technically an editor, I’ve always found time to write simply because I love to. During my stint at Bombay Times in the mid 1990s as Associate Editor of News, I interacted with the likes of Shammi Kapoor and the Godrej family; and I also got to write about children suffering from the deadly HIV virus. The articles on health, aviation and photography were done as a freelancer in Singapore, for various publications. Recently I edited a coffee-table book for a Singapore school. In between I worked as Features Editor at in Mumbai and Consumer & Lifestyle Editor at Simply Her in Singapore. Kolkata, Mumbai, San Francisco, Singapore – it’s been quite a long journey.

Links to some of my articles

| Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla came together to form a production company named Dreamz Unlimited. This was the first film from their stable. I was privileged and so excited to do the review:

| Dr Chua Soo Pong is working tirelessly to revive traditional Chinese Opera in Singapore. Down-to-earth and passionate about his work, it was an enlightening and fascinating afternoon listening to his stories:

| Teaching the visually challenged how to take pictures, focusing on Chinese miners battling lung diseases, giving education opportunities to underprivileged children – these photographers are using their skills to give back to society:

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The grim reality of children with HIV

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