About Indrani

“People don’t read any more.” Ever since I’ve started writing, I’ve heard this. And have never ever quite believed it.

Words compose our stories. They prod, stir, and awaken our stories. They complete our stories.

The power of language: uttered… written, heard, felt, continues to touch us, shape us, inspire us. Over the years I’ve learned, when one writes with thought and integrity, with clarity and focus, and with emotion, people actually not only read, they truly want to. Even young people, even the smartphone/sms/Instagram/Whatsapp/TikTok/gr8 LMAO LOL generation.

I am a writer. I have worked in advertising as a copywriter for twenty-two years: creating campaigns, searching for the idea, writing, learning a whole lot of things you never really set out to learn but you do as you get into in the mercurial world of communications. I found my way into advertising by chance and became a copywriter after starting out in account servicing. I have worked in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Singapore, and Amman.

Getting across to people, making contact, telling stories, is all the while a journey into the unknown, a voyage of discovery, of finding strange and fascinating things. And learning. Does feel a bit like Star Trek at times.

I have loved every moment of it.

As a copywriter, I got to write and communicate in the print medium, on television, and later, on the digital platform. Print remains a favourite, and I sense myself getting completely absorbed in and fascinated by the digital world. There’s an inherent excitement in writing to reach others. It has kept me enjoying my work, learning constantly, and wanting to get better at the craft.

I hope you find something here at Writers Block that you wished to read and enjoyed going through. Should you need any information, please email me at [email protected]

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