How much will it cost?

It is always hard to put a price on words. Or on any piece of communication for that matter. And yet, price and rates must be discussed. The way we approach it is quite simple: we focus on designing language in a way that brings lasting value. Nothing is ultimately ephemeral. Every piece of communication you send out says something about you, and each one is an opportunity to tell your story, make contact, complete a picture. Stay in your audience’s mind.

We believe you can get more out of the word than one usually thinks.

Naturally, if you are entrusting us with creating the entire communication material – brochure, coffee table book, event literature, content of any kind –  we ensure these convey your story effectively.

To give you a fair idea of how much something may cost, we need to know a bit about the project: its specific ambit, requirements, and so on. Please do give us a call or write and tell us your thoughts, what you’d like to have done, and we’ll be able to present a meaningful estimate.

We hope to bring value… and leave you with the feeling that you got a good deal.


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