When people ask me if I am a writer, I still find it hard to say “Yes, I am.” Yet, there’s nothing I enjoy more than writing. Advertising copy, essays, fiction, poetry, commercials, blogs, almost any kind of writing. And really the medium doesn’t matter, print or digital or something else… finding apt language, choosing the words, to say what one wants to is always intriguing and absorbing; the feeling when you get it right, just plain wonderful. I’ve put together some of my work here, so you can get a sense of my style and experience. There are advertising campaigns here, as well as social media posts, fiction, poetry, and a few pieces written as part of two book/blog ideas I’m currently working on. Thanks for taking a look.

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Poh Heng: I am gold

Poh Heng: I trust me

Royal Jordanian

Peacock Garden

Air Mauritius

Saab 93 Aero


Ten days in Istanbul

At Belem Tower


Jagged light


By the pond

Sunday Tale


the sea writes its own poetry

hello, is that you, pluto?

the boats call you

ROAD TO SINGAPORE… As I walk around Singapore

Losing Track

This was not in the plan… around Parliament House

Look out for the butterfly

A campus ramble

SAREES TELL STORIES… A series on the saree

Totally fair

Of real and fake Chanderi sarees

Maharanis, construction workers, ICS officers – a saree wearer’s longish ramble

Swapna’s bio and portfolio