you laughed in my dream and said, i like your friends
i found myself smiling in my sleep
my eyes have to close for me to see you again
is happiness always stored in such places?

it’s daylight and you’re gone as i knew you would be
that laugh, that turning of the head, that cheeky look
somewhere in the region of my heartbeat they’re still there
is reality residing in a plane not yet found?

my friend wore a light blue shirt, 
her hair short with a half ponytail
she walked in her lilting way, 
suddenly that breaking of her trademark smile

and you were there sitting, your familiar girth
mirth in your eyes, no trace of your ache
you said you like my friends
i don’t blame you, i thought
is wealth perhaps to be measured in such dreams?


july 10, 2021. it was a powerful, happy dream. one i remembered, which was unusual. my younger brother and my dear friend, in some realm of my consciousness. the featured image is of the bower vine beginning to flower profusely on the terrace of my temporary home. the pandemic and arbitrary government rules have stopped me from going back home. it rained early this morning, the flowers misted my memories. perhaps everything is temporary, except ephemeral fleeting things.

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