Whether at the service of royal patrons or otherwise, good writing has always had a value of its own. We have found that again and again in the many years we’ve spent writing for business; in advertising and media. We in fact, absolutely love (yes, strong word, but true and effective) writing. Which is why we hit upon the idea of Writers Block. It’s very simply a place where you can bring all your writing needs.

Websites, brochures, catalogues, journals, anniversary books, digital content, exhibition material, legacy books, speeches, scripts, anything. We can also turn a decent rhyme if your heart is set on poetry.

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If you’re wondering about that “their” in the headline, a plural seemingly at odds with the singular “everyone”, we thought about it deeply, researched it, and finally went with our intuitive sense of the language as many writers have done, apparently from as far back as the 16th century. Here’s OED on the subject.