I had never written for a car brand, so when my colleague at Nexus-Asatsu, Singapore, said she’d like me to write the Saab ads as the target audience was women and the ads would appear in Harper’s Bazaar, I was delighted. My boss at the time, a Mini enthusiast and a man who knows many things about cars that I don’t, helped me think this through. There’s something about cars that feels exciting. And even though we had to work with images given to us by the client and there wasn’t any fancy shoot, we had fun doing these ads and they do look good, thanks to the wonderful art director who worked on them. Like me, another woman who doesn’t drive.




Poh Heng I am gold

Poh Heng I trust me

Royal Jordanian

Peacock Garden

Air Mauritius

Saab 93 Aero

Road to Singapore: Losing track

Road to Singapore: This was not in the plan… around Parliament House

Road To Singapore: Look out for the butterfly

Road to Singapore: A campus ramble

Sarees tell stories: Totally fair

Inheritance: A short story

By the pond: A short story

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